Cut-paper series emphasizing fundamentals of spacing, contrast, hierarchy, and composition.

Introduction to identity development that reimagines vacant buildings in rural Kansas.

Wordmark development building from arrangement to selection.

Research, monogram, and poster design based on a classic typeface.

Series of five stamps based on major features of an assigned state.

Concept, writing, and illustration for a complete children’s book.

Identity and packaging mockups for a custom product.

Book jacket design for a single text or book series.

Typographic system, content collection, and sample magazine spreads.

Identity, collateral, and menu design for a food truck concept.

Physical typographic creations of common phrases.

Books tracing an object or media through 150 years of design history.

Rebranding of a existing organization and development of design standards.

Data collection and visualization to aid in comparison and comprehension.

Work produced for outside clients in a simulated studio environment.