A look into architectures of the Flint Hills through the lens of historical sites, elemental materials, vernacular forms, and contemporary approaches.

A series of photographic typologies featuring common structural forms in Chase and Marion counties.

Interviews and essays connecting socially-engaged and place-based practices to a specific rural environment.

A collection of significant objects from the homes of college employees to commemorate the opening of a gallery on campus.

A panoramic photograph of the mile stretch that was home to one of the first Mennonite settlements in central Kansas.

Yard signs following the thread of a land and community ethic in biblical text.

Intergenerational collaboration between college students and seniors.

A pop-up exhibition of life in present-day Hillsboro, Kansas featuring photos, short films, maps, flags, people, and more.

A guide to (almost) every fire hydrant in Hillsboro, Kansas.

An hour-long communal meditation with an onion.

A three-year experiment in small town nightlife and community building.

Design, production, and conceptual collaboration for two photo books by Alec Soth.

Public caucus to select a social practice project for the permanent collection of the Portland Art Museum.

A live-feed of images and reflections from first-time visits to the Portland Art Museum.

An exploration of everyday spaces made sacred through people’s relationship to them.