Middle of Everywhere

A look into architectures of the Flint Hills through the lens of historical sites, elemental materials, vernacular forms, and contemporary approaches.

Collaboration with Timothy A. Schuler. Featuring images from Elise Kirk, projects by El Dorado Architects and Ben Moore Studio, and materials from Luke Koch. Hosted by the Volland Store with funding from Humanities Kansas.

Middle of Everywhere


Middle of Everywhere explores the relationship between people and landscape through the prism of architecture — the hidden, the everyday, and the aspirational. By widening the aperture beyond traditional parameters, these images challenge the dominant narrative of architectural history in the Kansas Flint Hills and draw attention to histories in danger of being forgotten. Even as more contemporary work demonstrates architecture’s ability to make a rare and endangered landscape legible, its juxtaposition with the built infrastructure of colonial-capitalism is a reminder that architecture is a revealing art, a mirror that reflects humanity back to itself.

The project consists of an exhibition at The Volland Store, a panel discussion with an architect, preservationist, historian, and craftsperson, and an essay in Places Journal.